Sometimes we need some uplifting words to get us through the rough patches.  Add your uplifting messages to the comments!

HS affects patient’s quality of life in many ways. Together, we can make a difference with community education, specialty HS clinics, top-notch research and the most amazing group of volunteers. Our patients are not alone. We are the Hope for HS. Rita Pichardo, MD

It’s easy to feel stuck and at the mercy of your HS, but there are many ways to make things better. Relying on family, friends, and a passionate healthcare provider can help support you through the tough times and help you enjoy the good times more. Chris Sayed, MD

There are really amazing people doing incredible work to advance our knowledge of HS. Each year, more people are joining the cause, and our progress is gaining momentum. The future is bright! Steve Daveluy, MD

It is exciting to see more studies expanding our understanding of the disease as well as new treatments. The future looks bright. Tara Jaleel, MD

Many within medical and scientific community are actively working to increase disease awareness, the understanding of mechanisms of this disease, management and treatment strategies, and ways to better support the patient community. There are concrete reasons to have hope for the future of HS. You are not alone, there is a community here to support you. María del Mar Meléndez-González, MD