Top tips for people living with HS

For Awareness week, Hope for HS asked medical providers, caregivers, and those with HS their top tips for living with HS.

Try to connect with other people living with HS. You’re not alone, and people can share ways to navigate everyday life with HS. Steve Daveluy, MD

Be persistent in seeking improvement. The path to improvement looks different for everyone so it can take some time to find the best fit, but there’s almost always a way to move things the right direction. Chris Sayed, MD

You might have been told that HS is caused by your skin, or your body, or your immune system not working. The truth is – Your immune system is working longer and harder than it needs to – it’s extra. Your skin, your body, you are more than HS. Joslyn Kirby, MD

You are your best advocate. Vocalize all your concerns so your care team can provide you thorough and holistic care. Tara Jaleel, MD

Start a picture gallery to track your flares. This will help you see how your skin is doing over the long term and may help you see patterns as well. Angela Dresselhaus